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The City of Los Angeles believes that today's youth are our biggest allies in our fight against climate change and global warming.

The Environmental Youth Conference engages young Angelenos to play a critical role in not only participating in our greening initiatives, but helping us educate others as well. This conference, the largest of its kind anywhere in the world, is for the youth and by the youth. Our youngsters run it, conduct workshops, publicize it, experience it and enjoy it.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Strike A Pose, Score Some Swag

Want to know how to get a free LA Stormwater t-shirt or tote bag? It’s easy. Just bring your camera and your smile to the LA Stormwater booth at the Environmental Youth Conference and pose with the stormdrain monster for a photo.

Post your photo to the LA Stormwater Facebook Fan Page and tell us one thing you’ve done to protect water quality. Then, we’ll send you a free LA Stormwater t-shirt or tote bag.

We’re looking forward to seeing your smiling faces and hearing about how your keeping LA safe and clean!