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Sunday, October 18, 2009

EYC Artist Alley to feature ArtStorm talents

Three talented young artists from the community group Art Storm LA will participate at this year's Environmental Youth Conference Artist Alley. Their art form is called "Masterpiecing" or graffiti art.

Art Storm LA changes taggers into artists by providing canvases, paint and safe and legal locations for young people to pursue their art. The organization keeps helps youth develop their talents, and provides opportunities for expression.

Here are the three artists participating at the EYC:

Ramon, a native of Cypress Park in Northeast Los Angeles, demonstrates a unique leadership ability that translates into his art. An accomplished track and field athlete, Ramon also races past his partners in the skills department. He uses colors, image and lettering, a superior imagination and brings an intellectual and funny, spontaneous quality to his masterpieces.


Braulio, a native of Cypress Park in Northeast Los Angeles, is a natural talent hidden in the guise of his personality, which could be described as 'the trickster.' He puts as minimum an effort possible in all things, including aerosol art. But his lazy, selfish and stubborn independence are quickly forgiven when his canvas comes to life. With minimal effort, he makes it look so easy, and while his exterior personality may be an untamed practical joker, his inner mind is actually quicker and smarter than a lot of artists.


Michael brings excitement. His ability to let his unprepared first aerosol paint strokes lead him into any direction and the skills to pull it off is amazing. Like an abstract thinker, or someone who has traveled deep into the interior of the self, Michael is determined to push the envelope and keep on painting long after the piece is `finished.' I have seen canvases morph into 2nd or 3rdthemes and structures, and all with an exacting eye. Exactly exact with an exacting excellence.

See more of Ramon, Braulio and Michael's artwork at http://s610.photobucket.com/albums/tt187/ArtStorm/Available%20Office%20Art/.