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The City of Los Angeles believes that today's youth are our biggest allies in our fight against climate change and global warming.

The Environmental Youth Conference engages young Angelenos to play a critical role in not only participating in our greening initiatives, but helping us educate others as well. This conference, the largest of its kind anywhere in the world, is for the youth and by the youth. Our youngsters run it, conduct workshops, publicize it, experience it and enjoy it.

Be part of it today! If you've attended the Environmental Youth Conference in the past, tell us what you think!

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Monday, December 1, 2008


Catch our budding green artists at the conference Artist Alley. This special area will highlight creative, green teens and their environmentally-theme artwork or masterpieces made of eco-friendly materials. Some of our young, talented artists include:

• Iris Martinez, 16, Photo
• Ana Baranda, 19, Painting
• Peter Meitzenheimer, 13, Etching
• Juan Correa, 14, Drawing
• Charbel Rizk, 18, Sculpture
• Emmanuel Galvez, 17, Painting
• Rebecca Guerrrero, 20, Arch-shaped mobil using recycled materials
• Eugenia Barbuc, 21, Natalie Polanco, 17, and Ivan Melchor, 19, a collaborative art piece using recycled materials

Also on display will be art work by the Million Trees LA contributing artists: Juan Rosillo, Jean Wells, Hamerslag, Kevin Inkwich, Cindy Surianyi, Ron Howard, Fumiko Armano, Goose Black Finger, Steven McElroy and Abel Alejandre.

Make sure to stop by!